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ROX CELLA is no stranger to the world of hosting and entertainment. She is the Host and co-executive producer of PALM BEACH ROX and ROXWORLD TV and has been working to bring audiences the best of Palm Beach culture, lifestyles, celebrities and events since 2003, as well as providing national coverage of select philanthropic-driven events.

Prior to her work on Palm Beach Rox, she has starred in several television commercials, been an international spokesperson and model, and appeared in major blockbuster films.

She has appeared alongside Hollywood’s greats in such films as True Lies (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Arnold and Jamie Lee Curtis), The Specialist (starring Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone), and Fair Game (starring William Baldwin and Cindy Crawford). Her credits also include a recurring role on the daytime drama Another World and cameo appearances in the CBS primetime drama South Beach. She also has a role in the  film Stuck in the Past.

ROX loves politics! She was raised Republican as a child, but the last few elections have left her wondering what platform she is settling for! She shares the show’s goal, to inspire the Extreme Left & Extreme Right to work in a Bi- partisan manner for the good of Americans and the Citizens of our great Country.  Rox feels that being a host on THE MAD TEA SHOW gives her the opportunity to learn and voice her opinion and she hopes that you as viewers will do the same!


JEN E (Host)

JEN E is a preparedness and disaster relief enthusiast and certified CERT instructor.  She loves to share her passion for helping people become prepared––especially with food storage.  Preparedness has been a driving force for Jen and her husband since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.  They felt in their hearts that they should help the victims, so they marshaled their own resources along with others and volunteered support. That was the true start of her disaster relief mission. Jen now helps others with networking and resourcing in every aspect of family preparedness.  She realizes that supporting the prepping family keeps America alive and strong by teaching them to; prepare themselves for the unknown, save money and get through the tough times one can of soup at a time.  And most importantly, how to THRIVE!. Jen believes that baby steps and not being overwhelmed is the key and that just doing a little here and there goes a long way!

Jen has been featured as a guest on popular prepping podcasts and is looking forward to educating people about prepping through THE MAD TEA SHOW.  She was raised with the core values of God, Family, Community and Country. Realizing the drift to the left of all of the political parties, she dropped her ‘R’ 10 + years ago and proclaimed herself an Independent Conservative Constitutionalist.



TERRI MARIE is a business women, fitness competitor and entertainment host.  The world of health and fitness opened her eyes to the unhealthy condition of the average American, both in mind and body.  Because of GMO’s in our food and its connection to money, she became more involved in politics as the best way to understand this issue and the problems facing our communities.

Terri is a native Southern California girl who grew up as a Reagan Republican in California, exposing her to a very diverse group of friends and a determination to always respect and listen to other people’s views.  She loves to debate and ask questions and feels that Freedom of Speech is one of the things that makes America so great.   She is extremely concerned about how divided this country is right now and how close minded her fellow citizens have become.   She believes in homeland security, legal immigration, economic growth, healthcare reform, limited government, lower taxes, family, faith, and sanctity of life. “America first”, is her motto.

Terri is excited to be part of THE MAD TEA SHOW and is looking forward to contributing to the show and taking a journey down the rabbit hole with her fellow co-hosts and the listening audience.  She is hoping to change and open some minds, particularly of those who are left leaning. She feels there is always room to have a healthy, open dialogue with those from opposing sides.  A balance of power is very important both in government and personal relationships. That balance is maintained through disagreement, compromise and hearing the opposing viewpoint.

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DIANNE SAVAGE is the founder and director of the Patriot Defense Foundation. Inc.  Dianne started PDF because she saw a need to help Americans, without financial means, get to rallies and marches.  Dianne is passionate about informing parents of the dangers and contents of Common Core and fighting to get and keep it out of our public education system.  Dianne is also driven by the need to ensure that our politicians, aka “employees”, are kept in check and held accountable. She wishes to inspire, educate and wake Americans up and get them involved.  Dianne is deeply concerned with the problems that go along with illegal immigration.  America is a fantastic wealth of opportunity for those who come to America through the front door.  Dianne doesn’t do all this for her benefit, she does it for the generations to come, especially her grandchildren. They are her “why”.



FARRAH PRUDENCE is the Founding Director of VOW, a passionate advocate of women’s rights, an expert on Middle Eastern Culture and Islamic ideology, and a survivor of oppression under which many women and girls suffer every day worldwide. A survivor of domestic abuse, honor violence, rape, and sexual assault, Prudence lives every day under the threat of honor killing due to the fatwa declared on her life for becoming a Christian. She lives in victory despite ongoing threats, dedicating her efforts to raising awareness about the most inhumane violence occurring against women and girls in the world. Through VOW, Prudence hopes to rescue as many victims as possible and to prevent the egregious violation of human rights committed against her from being repeated against other women and girls. Prudence lived in the Middle East for over a decade and worked with the U.S. military in Iraq for over one year.

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